Statistics for Bitcoin Utopia:

  • Top participants
    • Per application
  • Top teams
    • Per application
  • Top computers
  • GPU models
  • CPU models

More detailed statistics for Bitcoin Utopia and other BOINC-based projects are available at several web sites:

  • BOINCstats by Willy de Zutter
  • Free-DC (Includes non-BOINC projects and completed projects.)
  • BOINC All Project Stats
  • SETI@Netherlands stats page
  • BOINC Statistics for the WORLD! developed by Zain Upton (email: zain.upton at
  • Team OcUK stats
  • BOINC Combined Statistics developed by James Drews
  • SETIBZH Stats (cross-project team stats; available in French, English, Spanish, German)
  • The Knights Who Say ‘Ni’ stats
  • DC-Vault (Include non-BOINC projects)
  • Formula BOINC (Team ranking based on position within projects, as in Formula 1 racing, rather than total points)

You can also get your current statistics in the form of a “signature image”:

  • BOINC All Project Stats (Signature files for both users and teams)
  • United BOINC (Images showing the latest news from your choice of projects)
  • BOINCstats by Willy de Zutter
  • BOINC UK (Highly configurable!)
  • (User-configurable stats counters. Cool!)

Additionally you can get your individual statistics summed across all BOINC projects from several sites; see your home page.