The Economic Viability of Mars Colonization publishing in Bulgarian

Mars Society Bulgaria would like to raise money for publishing Dr. Robert Zubrin’s ‘The Economic Viability of Mars Colonization ‘ into Bulgarian in print of 1000 books.

All books shall include gratitude to BitCoin Utopia crunching community.

The longer story about all this

The books shall be given away to interested public libraries and schools (there are 60 public libraries and 2500 schools in Bulgaria). The books would be given away to individuals for small donation for Mars Society Bulgaria projects, should any books remain.

The text has been translated in 2012 and it is available online ( Our desire is to include also two A5-size Mars maps as inner cover pages into the book (the maps are visible here: Should anyone goes to individual map page, s/he may download the hi-res electronic format from the link at the bottom of the dedicated page).

The purpose of this project is to increase public awareness of reaching Mars as realistic and rational aim.

A book would be available for any BU cruncher, with a sign from the translator (it’s me, Mihail Mateev).

How to donate?

Donation Method #1: Mine cryptocurrencies with your computer with the help of Bitcoin Utopia BOINC server

  1. Go to Bitcoin Utopia BOINC server and create an account.
  2. Download and install BOINC software.
  3. Run BOINC. Select Add Project. When prompted, enter your account information and enter
  • 1.5% – 3%Fee for 3rd Party Pool Servers
  • 10%Fee for Bitcoin Utopia (after the 3rd party pool fees)

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