SETI@home Annual Fund Drive

SETI@home is one of the longest running volunteer computing projects. Our volunteers sift through data from radio telescopes looking for evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Our goals for the coming year are to bring in new sources of data including the SERENDIP VI instrument at Arecibo, data from the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia, and data from the LOFAR array scattered across northern Europe.

Current status

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  • 1000 USDDonation goal


How to donate?

Donation Method #1: Mine cryptocurrencies with your computer with the help of Bitcoin Utopia BOINC server

  1. Go to Bitcoin Utopia BOINC server and create an account.
  2. Download and install BOINC software.
  3. Run BOINC. Select Add Project. When prompted, enter your account information and enter
  • 1.5% – 3%Fee for 3rd Party Pool Servers
  • 10%Fee for Bitcoin Utopia (after the 3rd party pool fees)

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