FAQ section:

– applications overview – applications, shares length, recommended ASICs, timelimit, app name for app_info/app_config file

– app_config.xml – limitation to only 1 WU

– app_info.xml – for overclocking your ASIC miner

– Badges

– BU staff

– Cudaminer 3sec error fix

– How to install an ASIC miner (USB) – installation guide with an USB device

– How to run the new asic plan_class with needed BOINC 7.4.22 or greater? installation guide with BOINC 7.4.22

– How to run with BOINC client <7.4.12? – running with old app system

– How to downgrade BOINC client by problems? – if you have massive problems with new asic apps

– How to avoid cgminer popup errors with usb miner sticks?

– known supported ASICs – needed hardware to run cgminer apps

– Rbox / USB stick Troubleshooting

– Running 3 miners on 3 different WUs

If anyone dont understand any parts of the FAQ or have some suggestions / news what we need to change / add PM me.