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Hello! I'm from Czech Republic and I was born a few days before Velvet revolution. My favourite hobbies are music (metal, jazz, classical music,...


C#10 will be reopened
Campaign #10 will be reopened for raising donations for SRBase.

19 Mar 2017, 20:41:38 UTC · Comment

We will reopen SETI@home campaign soon
Campaign #5 will be reopened for raising donations for SETI@home.

6 Jan 2017, 12:47:01 UTC · Comment

C #3 donations
I am glad to inform you that professor Heidi Newberg from Milkyway@home project has gotten the donation of $5,200.83 from the users of Bitcoin Utopia! Thank you all!

14 Nov 2016, 17:40:27 UTC · Comment

C #3 work generation has now ended
I have stopped the work generation for Campaign #3. Thanks for all the hard work!

29 Oct 2016, 19:53:38 UTC · Comment

Changes are coming
Some changes I have planned for the near-future:
- I will shut down (this should save us around 60 euros a year).
- Bitcoin Utopia will fund only BOINC projects and sites heavily related to BOINC.
- I should get and set up a certificate to support https protocol.

23 Oct 2016, 20:58:04 UTC · Comment

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