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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Report errors here (Message 11753)
Posted 3 Dec 2016 by Profile JumpinJohnny
Thanks Reb, I should have read that first.

The wndoz popup stops the miner until it is closed.
I have tried it. I do hope it fixes.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Report errors here (Message 11749)
Posted 2 Dec 2016 by Profile JumpinJohnny
This problem is intermittent, it slowly improved over the last few days and has now stopped happening.
I can only assume it is something with my own gear ???
I made no changes and could find no reasons that cgminer would just stop.
No netwoek issues, no problem with hardware failures reported in the stderr.
I can only hope it doesn't start happening again because I'm still at a loss to explain it or fix it.

As you were , nothing to see here , move along.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Report errors here (Message 11736)
Posted 27 Nov 2016 by Profile JumpinJohnny
Lately I am getting increasingly more "computation errors" when CGMINER stops running in my windoz machine.
I am using a single Bitmain U3 that otherwise runs well at the moment.
I get an error description "errors = Too many total results".
It started a few weeks ago and then became a daily thing. Now the computation errors happen every few hours. (see: task 154496962 as example)
I stopped using the GPU to run other BOINC projects and cut back the CPU to just 2 of 4 cores when the errors started happening a few weeks back.

I am only running cgminer (Campaign #12) (for 20+GH/s ASICs) v0.07 (miner_asic).
The Stderr output reports look completely different between many of these error tasks.
Not really certain what to do. I have no idea what is causing the problem.

The info box that windoz displays simply says: "cgminer.exe has stopped working"
Here are the details:
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: cgminer.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 0011972c
Fault Module Name: cgminer.exe
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 0011972c
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 00022091
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 0a9e
Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
Additional Information 3: 0a9e
Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
4) Message boards : News : Changes are coming (Message 11735)
Posted 27 Nov 2016 by Profile JumpinJohnny
Some changes I have planned for the near-future:
- Bitcoin Utopia will fund only BOINC projects and sites heavily related to BOINC

That was posted 23 Oct. to open this thread. (about 5 weeks ago, just for a comparitive check)
5) Message boards : News : C #3 donations (Message 11734)
Posted 27 Nov 2016 by Profile JumpinJohnny
I'm glad a logical criteria is being utilized in selecting campaigns.
This is another good sign in favor of BU.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Report errors here (Message 11670)
Posted 3 Nov 2016 by Profile JumpinJohnny
This thread was created to report errors for new apps.
That discussion has been covered elsewhere.

See this thread and others, have a look around at the rest of the message board.
"It's already been stated here that CPU and GPU apps will not be supported for new campaigns. So the creation of CPU/GPU apps has already ceased."
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Report errors here (Message 11654)
Posted 2 Nov 2016 by Profile JumpinJohnny
Yes Henri

That is now the correct cgminer.exe (4.9.2)
My Bitmain U3 is mining on the WU, I assume it will complete it as well.

8) Message boards : Number crunching : Report errors here (Message 11648)
Posted 2 Nov 2016 by Profile JumpinJohnny
#12 20GH Not working on any of my miners.

stderr states "Started cgminer 4.7.1" isn't supposed to be 4.9.2 ??

that's right. unless BU sends cgminer 4.9.2 in the zip file, we will have to do the same work-around that we were doing a year ago. it's a pain in the butt but do-able.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Report errors here (Message 11644)
Posted 1 Nov 2016 by Profile JumpinJohnny
I think I am being sent the wrong cgminer.exe file for my Bitmain U3.

I'm getting ""

Otherwise I will have to do the work around again which is a total pain to keep track of.

The file for #7 seems to mine ok. #12 isn't.

Good luck.

The WU's don't mine because that version of cgminer isn't supported. (I think)
They just time out at 1h30m.

10) Message boards : Number crunching : BU future (Message 11642)
Posted 1 Nov 2016 by Profile JumpinJohnny
suppose I should start a seperate thread but...

the cgminer (Campaign #12) (for 20+GH/s ASICs) don't seem to work.

my little U3 was humming along fine on the very last Campaign #3 WU
finished the last one just as new #12's were available
but the first one didn't work (stalled at 91% at 1hour+ ,,so I reset the u3 and tried another
still no workie.

My U3 starts like it is looking for a site then doesn't mine
** red led by fan plug flashes 1-1ong,2-short then off for 5 seconds, then again. cgminer.exe is running**
Is there maybe a problem with the slush site?

Anybody else having problems?
11) Message boards : Number crunching : BU future (Message 11638)
Posted 1 Nov 2016 by Profile JumpinJohnny
That's good news, Henri.
Thanks for the update!
12) Message boards : News : Changes are coming (Message 11601)
Posted 26 Oct 2016 by Profile JumpinJohnny
I'm looking forward to positive changes. This bit of communication this week is a good start.
I agree that BU should be used to benefit only BOINC projects and closely associated BOINC sites.
Huge charities that have so many other revenue streams are a poor use of our energies. It is much better to give money to them directly.
I will continue in my own small way to contribute here with ASIC's.
Find a way to do some handholding, (regular Message Board updates and user questions answered). That will be key to success for us all.
13) Message boards : News : C #10 work generation has now ended (Message 11579)
Posted 18 Oct 2016 by Profile JumpinJohnny
I am ever the optimist. I guess.

Despite all the negative "warning signs" of a dying project and uninterested project support and/or needed activity and response, I have purchased another small miner.
The BitMain U3 miners I have been running only last a few months to less than a year. I bought another U3 in desperate hopes that BU will continue with a reorganized project and perhaps different leadership, (if necessary).
I hope my optimism pays off and all of us can continue.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : BU future (Message 11534)
Posted 28 Sep 2016 by Profile JumpinJohnny
@Jozef j

I only mentioned BOINC projects in general because BU is using the Boinc client.
The statements I made are directly aimed at Bitcoin Utopia, not Boinc or other DC clients.

BOINC is NOT the problem here or even an issue. In the future we will be using only ASIC's miners, no more cpu and gpu work.
The set-and-forget user you are talking about will not be attracted to BU.

The question is how best to continue on with a strong Bitcoin Utopia.
Some of the problems volunteers face here are very different than the average BOINC project. Those special issues are what requires a lively, helpful forum.


Your efforts are commendable.
You need extra admin helpers AND more ability to create campaigns.
Too bad NATE1 was unable to continue here. He was particularly knowledgeable.
The fact that this thread has been completely hijacked by us is an indication of the seriousness of your fellow users. This info needed to be here where it would be seen.
15) Message boards : Number crunching : BU future (Message 11526)
Posted 26 Sep 2016 by Profile JumpinJohnny
Yes,I agree, there needs to be more powers delegated to VOLUNTEER admins to further the creation and implementation of BU Projects.
There should only be one person accountable for the wallets and payouts to the various campaigns.

I would like to see more campaigns running. If the fear is that more campaigns will dilute the contributions made by us users, I think that is unfounded and short sighted.
More campaigns gives More interest. More interest in contributing to a variety of projects will result in a bigger popularity of BU which will result in More contributions to all.

BOINC projects die a slow death when users loose interest.
Users loose interest when there is little or no response to issues posted in the forums. Direct involvement by "Admins" in the way of friendly replies to forum posts goes a long way to maintaining user interest and participation.
Users loose interest when they perceive that their efforts are ignored or unwanted. More interesting projects gives each uiser something they like to contribute to.
After all, we are buying the equiptment and paying for the power to run it.

It has been my observation that Volunteers generally need alot of "hand holding" and desire the small reward of feeling important to a project or idea.
Anyone who wishes to do anything with Volunteers and expects to let it run on autopilot with no involvement is delusional if they are also expecting success.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Payments (Message 11470)
Posted 2 Sep 2016 by Profile JumpinJohnny
When can i expect payouts so that my wallet receives some Gridcoins from BU ?

... whitelisting BU was nothing but a money grubbing decision by the higher ups. Gridcoin pays money based on the credits you earn within the Team... I hope everyone who was a member of Gridcoin leaves and joins the other Teams here!!


I've noticed that 90% of the people that left KWSN under a variety of projects are joining GRIDCOIN. They somehow forgot that Distributive Computing is a VOLUNTEER activity where users DONATE their time, efforts, hardware and electricity to contribute to scientific research for mankind. The whole concept of GRIDCOIN is based on the selfish and ugly idea that former VOLUNTEERS can be bribed to abandon their teams and ignore the basis of the entire reason Distributive Computing exists.
In my own opinion, Gridcoin is destructive to BOINC and shameless in their greed.
It's all very sad.
I will continue to contribute to Bitcoin Utopia when I can and help my team as I am able and hopefully improve the lives of all of us in some small way through VOLUNTEERING.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Bitcoin Utopia GPU WUs never ends!! (Message 11405)
Posted 2 Aug 2016 by Profile JumpinJohnny
Then try swapping a gpu from one of the machines that runs the units just fine with the gpu in the machine that doesn't stop running the same workunit forever, that will eliminate the possibility of a bad gpu.

both gpu´s are fine. because they work in other maschines and in the actual Maschine in ohter Projects.

something wrong with Visual C++ 20xx Installation possibly?
Some other ideas?

Point one: I don't know what I'm talking about, but would like to take a guess at helping you fix the issue.
One of the things that could be verified by swapping a different GPU into that machine could be to check that the interface between motherboard and GPU is sufficient to handle the constant hammering for CPU communication that these BU apps demand from the GPU.
There could also be a bottleneck created in your C++ instructions that cause your CPU to ignore the "file done" signal from the BU exe once it is handed off from working memory. This would be specific only to the rapidfire demands of the BU apps and would not show up on other projects.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : REQUEST: Minimum Credit to Post (Message 11123)
Posted 9 May 2016 by Profile JumpinJohnny
There have been a few projects that have message boards which create a single "newbie help thread" that allows 0 credit to post for anyone having trouble getting started.
The rest of the message board threads are locked to prevent 0 credit trollers and message board spammers.
I think that is a useful and reasonable approach.
19) Message boards : News : C #13 is being reopened (Message 10958)
Posted 31 Mar 2016 by Profile JumpinJohnny
Thanks Mikey
That clears it up a bit for me. I think I understand.
I guess the server has not been told that the time is up ... still generating WU's.
20) Message boards : News : C #13 is being reopened (Message 10956)
Posted 30 Mar 2016 by Profile JumpinJohnny
Seeing as this campaign has reached the end of the re-opened campaign, is it going to be ended soon? Or get an extension so we can expect to keep working on it?

so it looks to me like Keep4eveR – Part 2 (#13) is 45% completed...
it took us 3 1/2 months to get that far ...
somehow I can't see this as almost ended ...
or unworthy of a continued push for a goal...

Does the campaign really end when the chart runs over it's time?
(perhaps the chart that has not been suplied updated metrics???)
--yes it says 0 days left--
I think just because the date runs past on an automated chart, that is not the end of the campaign. Or am I missing something?

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