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Salut de Lorraine-Alsace.


Campaign #4 The Economic Viability of Mars Colonization publishing in Bulgarian
Campaign #4 (The Economic Viability of Mars Colonization publishing in Bulgarian) has been running for several days by now. Here is the campaign page for it.

11 Sep 2014, 8:06:16 UTC · Comment

Campaign #4 sgminer should be fixed
Campaign #4 sgminer (sgminer_4) should be fixed now.

I installed the older version of the wrapper (wrapper_26009_windows_intelx86.exe) for sgminer_4 00002.

8 Sep 2014, 21:22:53 UTC · Comment

abort request of all cudaminer campaign 3 and 4 tasks
Pls abort all cudaminer tasks for campaign 3 and 4. The success rate is around 50% and its not good at the moment. I have contacted the developer of cudaminer again to add our new command into the source. If you want to test outside of BOINC pls use the file in cudaminer test thread and post your results there.

We need to cancel all current WUs for both apps and add the old cudaminer again with some fresh new WUs.

Thx for understanding!
7 Sep 2014, 6:57:26 UTC · Comment

new cudaminer app will be deployed soon
We let run dry the cudaminer for Campaign 3. After that a new modified version will be added with 10 shares and no timelimit. The runtime is around 34min on a GTX560.

1 Sep 2014, 19:13:06 UTC · Comment

cgminer for raspberry deployed
You can now run cgminer on your raspberry for all Campaign 3 apps.

1 Sep 2014, 19:09:58 UTC · Comment

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