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C #4 work generation might end soon
Campaign #4 (The Economic Viability of Mars Colonization publishing in Bulgarian) work generation might end soon.

30 Jun 2015, 8:53:05 UTC · Comment

C #12 donations
You donated 4.51802634 bitcoins for Campaign #12 which ended up to be 904.47 euros. That should be more than 1000 USD at the moment of writing this. Thank you very much!

However, now I'm facing problems to top up my PayPal account. Trustly service got stuck in middle of topping up. The money has gone from the bank account but they don't show up on the PayPal account. I have contacted both Trustly and PayPal to solve this problem. Stay tuned.

EDIT (2015-06-16): The money was on my PayPal account this morning. I have sent the donation to Bok. Thanks for your patience!

13 Jun 2015, 7:12:01 UTC · Comment

C #12 work generation might end soon
Campaign #12 (Free-DC) work generation might end soon (probably today).

8 Jun 2015, 21:14:33 UTC · Comment (CPU/GPU) workunits might not work
There have been some problems with the neoscrypt pool server, so those workunits might not work.

28 Apr 2015, 18:44:02 UTC · Comment

Campaign #3 reopened, campaign #12 (Free-DC) online
There are two new active campaigns:
- Campaign #3 - Milkyway@home - Part 3
- Campaign #12 - Free-DC

There should be some work available. Enjoy!

20 Apr 2015, 20:16:11 UTC · Comment

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