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Campaign #1 is almost finished, please consider mining for Campaign #3
Campaign #1 is almost finished. Thanks! No new workunits are created, and the old workunits are finished very fast. Please, consider mining for Campaign #3.

28 Aug 2014, 21:49:18 UTC · Comment

Some changes for C-cgminer-be (Campaign #3) (for 333MH/s ASICs)
There are some changes for C-cgminer-be (Campaign #3) (for 333MH/s ASICs).

New workunits will:
- not use quota parameter
- not use eu nor us-east pools
- do peercoin-only mining (port 3335)
- have a new naming scheme

26 Aug 2014, 21:07:41 UTC · Comment

The website should be working again
(Maybe you will learn about this via other forums/users.)

For Windows users who still can't access the site, try this command: ipconfig /flushdns

I was using "CNAME" and "ALIAS" records for, but I should have been using "A" records instead. I changed to a new server last night and I didn't know that A records were necessary in this case. With the old AWS server, CNAME and ALIAS were working.

Thanks, Christian, for helping me with this issue. Thanks, lefa, for that helpful flushdns parameter.

20 Aug 2014, 6:59:53 UTC · Comment

Badges setup complete
All is now completed include the Campaigns. Badges stats export also available here. If you have found a problem or want to change something on the badges let us know in badges thread.

17 Aug 2014, 19:20:18 UTC · Comment

Badges were partially setup
Badges are only running for credits total at the moment. Pls discuss about it here for the look and properties.

The validators must be changed soon to accept our subprojects too.

16 Aug 2014, 22:26:58 UTC · Comment

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