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I'm from Bardstown,Ky now living in Louisville,Ky USA. I just turned 30. I am the I.T. Tech Manager for a company in Louisville, Ky. Besides my obvious...


DB maintenance is over
Database maintenance is over. We hope that the server is now performing well.

20 Oct 2014, 20:08:07 UTC · Comment

validation pendings
As you all know the pendings are still high. We have decided to reduce the max WUs in progress for CPU/GPU/ASICs to 50 to catch up the overload. db_purge is running now in realtime to reduce the db size. This can take some hours if all is going well.

19 Oct 2014, 13:33:21 UTC · Comment

Work generation stopped for campaign 6 rbox app
We have stopped the workscript temporarily until the cache is dry, there is a change planned in the shares length, will see what bring us the cgminer test app (problem analyse for worker banned messages).

Pls go for another campaign or another app.

15 Oct 2014, 19:14:05 UTC · Comment

Pool server should back online. You can continue crunching
According to

Oct 12 12:22 AM We had some DB issues this morning that took a while to resolve. Things are back to normal now. Profitability numbers will likely be inaccurate today. Thanks for your patience.

Users have reported that everything should be working again. You can continue crunching.

Henri. 11 Oct 2014, 21:56:21 UTC · Comment

pool server down
All campaigns are affected, you need to stop crunching WUs until the problem is gone. All returned WUs are invalid.

11 Oct 2014, 16:37:55 UTC · Comment

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