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Vivo en una pequeña ciudad muy cerca de Madrid - España. Me interesa mucho la investigación científica en todas sus ramas. I live in a small...


Campaign #11 workunits can be aborted
You may now abort the Campaign #11 workunits, please.

1007.30 euros will be sent to Suomen Kryoniikkaseura Ry. Thanks! :)

UPDATE (2015-04-14): 1007.30 euros were sent to Suomen Kryoniikkaseura Ry yesterday.

10 Apr 2015, 16:04:37 UTC · Comment

Some changes for C #9: The Woodward Effect
There will be some changes for campaign #9: The Woodward Effect:
- 60 more days to reach the goal.
- The goal will be reduced from 10,000 USD to 5,000 USD.
- There will be a new bitcoin address for the campaign. I have set up Electrum wallet, because Bitcoin Core starts to be too heavy to use in a regular computer.

6 Apr 2015, 16:50:47 UTC · Comment

New badges
Reb has made some new badges. They should be now available!

PS. Thanks, Reb!

23 Mar 2015, 15:17:25 UTC · Comment

C #11 work generation might end soon
Campaign #11 (Cryonics First Aid) work generation might end soon (probably in a couple of days).

16 Mar 2015, 10:52:47 UTC · Comment

Donations for Campaigns #3 and #10
UPDATE (2015-03-23): The donations for Campaign #3 and Campaign #10 are both sent and received by appropriate people of the campaigns. Thank you for making this possible!

I still haven't sent the donations for Donations for Campaigns #3 and #10. Please, stay tuned.

There are 2042.24 euros for Campaign #3 (Milkyway@home).
There are 543.23 euros for Campaign #10 (SRBase).

I'm doing everything to send these donations to the appropriate people of the campaigns as fast as possible.

10 Mar 2015, 8:28:23 UTC · Comment

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